New Moon: Jane Leading Edward to the Darker Side

Why is there so much New Moon stuff out right now? The film doesn’t come out for another two months, but the promotion this week has been insane! This time around Comingsoon, got a hold of a few production stills from the actual movie. Instead of posed character posters, we’ve got some images taken from what I’d like to call the “Italian scenes” in the film.

Where could Jane be taking Edward (above)? Looks like someone’s going on a trip to visit the Volturi…

As you can see, it’s all Volturi all day today. With the exception of desolate Marcus they’re all accounted for. I’m sure plenty of you are interested in seeing the scenes between Robert Pattinson and Dakota Fanning. Her character is known to be a manipulator, and in the photo he doesn’t look of a sound mind.

Michael Sheen is killing me as Aro, in a good way. He just drips high society, class, and murder simultaneously. I’d love to hear an Italian accent from him. Do the Volturi have them in the book?

What do you think of the production stills from New Moon?