H2 and Final Destination 8-27-09Ah

Horror films are taking over this weekend at the movies. We have Rob Zombie’s thriller Halloween II coming out the same week as David R. Ellis’ The Final Destination. Which should you go see? The one where everyone dies a gruesome, horrific death or the one where everyone dies a gruesome, horrific death? At least it makes for some good entertainment, if you’re into that sort of thing. If not, go for the musical comedy, (Ang Lee’s Taking Woodstock with Henry Goodman), the romantic comedy, (Marc Feinberg’s Play The Game with the one and only Andy Griffith!!) or the funny drama, (Robert D. Siegel’s Big Fan with Patton Oswalt).

Here are the movies coming out August 28th…

Watch the trailers…

Taking Woodstock

The Final Destination

Halloween II

Big Fan

At the Edge of The World

Play the Game

We Live in Public

The Beautiful City

Still Walking (with subtitles)

Which film are you planning on seeing this week?