magdalena movie update

It’s like pulling teeth trying to get information on the upcoming live action film, Magdalena. The feature is based on the comic book heroine who is a direct descendant of Mary Magdalene. The updates on the film are few and far between so when I see one pop up, I jump on it asap! MTV recently spoke to the film’s screenwriter Holly Brix, and she spilled the beans on what we can expect from her take on the iconic character.

Magdalena is a supernatural comic based thriller about a woman who uses her powers to protect mankind against evil. The cast currently features Step Up alum Jenna Dewan as Patience (the heroine) and Hell Boy II star Luke Goss as her mentor Kristof. According to Brix, the film is still in the development stages, while a deal is currently being brokered. Once that happens she can start working on the script.

In terms of the plot, the writer already knows what storyline she wants to tackle for the film.

I read all the comics and we talked about different versions of the story, but the one I found most compelling was Patience—her arc in becoming the Magdalena. We decided to focus the movie on her. It’s the transfer of power from her mother’s reign as the Magdalena to hers.

The film is being described as a mash up between The Da Vinci Code and Wanted due to it’s violence and religious themes. Brix agrees with the comparisons to a certain extent. “It’s definitely a supernatural action movie, so I think ‘ Da Vinci Code‘ is a good reference as far as all the Catholicism in it. But in addition to that story, it’s also a really straightforward action movie.”

When was the last time we had a well written female superhero at the center of a movie? This has been a long time in the making. Hopefully the kinks will get worked out, and the film can start production. I’m excited to see her vision of the character take shape.

Are you interested in seeing Magdalena hit the big screen?