laura linney the c word

Laura Linney is one of the most talented film actresses out there, and according to Yahoo she’s about to make her mark on cable television. Following the likes of Holly Hunter, Glenn Close, and Kyra Sedgwick, Linney will star as the lead in an upcoming TV series for the Showtime cable network.

Linney will star in the off-beat comedy pilot, The C Word. With no relation to the mega hit, The L Word, the show will be a half an hour series as opposed to an hour long drama. The C stands for cancer, the terminal disease that Linney’s character is diagnosed with on the show. The irony of death and humor is something that Linney sees as “potentially rich, funny and complicated material.” The actress will also executive produce the series that will be shot this fall.

Showtime described The C Word as a series that will “delve into the life of a suburban wife and mother as she confronts her illness and finds the light side in a dark situation.”  The production of this show has popped up during a time when “cancer comedy” has become a hot topic.

Seth Rogen and James McAvoy will both star in the tentatively titled comedy, I’m With Cancer about a 25 year old producer stricken with the disease. Are we at the point where we’ve realized that laughter really is the best medicine?

What do you think about Linney’s upcoming series? Would you watch it?