You know all those rumors about there being another THREE Underworld movies on the way? Well, they’ve finally decided that they’re done with it, most likely. FINALLY someone decides not to move forward with an idea that involves vampires! Three cheers!

During a press conference today for Whiteout, Kate Beckinsale put some Underwold rumors to bed, saying that although she’s not against the idea, there’s just only so many times she’s willing to run around it rubber pants, and she’s most likely hit her limit.

She said that although if she read a script that was great she might be interested, it’s not what she’s looking to do. As she said:

It was always conceived as a trilogy. If they came up with an amazing script I wouldn’t be adverse to it. But it’s not planned.

When asked about the rumors that she was signed on already for three more films?

Three whole more? I don’t think my daughter needs to see my bottom in rubber for another 10 more years. I don’t know. I heard they talking about a 4th one. I don’t know if that’s officially happening or just a rumor. As far as I’m concerned it’s a rumor.

As much as we all love seeing her ass in rubber pants, I’m sure we’ll be seeing her in something else revealing soon!

Hell, there’s about a 3 minute shower sequence with absolutely no purpose behind it in Whiteout if that’s what you’re looking for!