The innocent (?) face behind Halloween 2, Scout Talyor-Comptom, returns to the big screen as an even deeper mess of a human being. We just posted some of the highlights from director, Rob Zombie at the press conference, here is a brief rundown of what Talyor-Compton had to say!

Were there any primary differences from the first installment?

Scout Talyor-Compton: I didn’t get to much the last time. On the first one it was kind of the same thing over and over and over. I always knew the same thing I was going to do when I showed up to set. This time it was a lot more for me to work off of. A lot edgier.

Was it a challenge to drop into some of Laurie’s darker places?

STC: Yes. It was challenging at times. Really draining, at times. I definitely felt like I was going crazy while filming this. Like this messed up, bi-polar girl. Sometimes going back to my hotel I’d have to take a bath and have a little breather. It was draining.

You haven’t seen a cut of the film?

STC: Bits and pieces when I was in the ADR room with Rob.

Are you nervous to see it?

STC: Completely. I’m nervous about seeing the whole thing because I know what I felt while doing these scenes. It;s going to be tough to see. But I know it’ll be great. And disturbing. Knowing that the disturbing parts have ME in it.


You’ve aged a lot since the last film..

STC: I watched the 4 hour documentary of the first one, and I was like ‘ah that’s how I was on set? I was a baby’ and my relationship with Rob was definitely different. We really trust each other with what we’re doing. And you need that between the actor and the director. The first one we really didn’t know each other. We didn’t know how each other worked and how much we could push ourselves. And with this one Rob knows how much he can push me, and I can always go talk to him as a friend and say I’m not comfortable with something and be ok with it. When you have that relationship with a director it makes it so much easier.

Most challenging scene?

STC: There were two. We filmed a scene for about 8 hours. 6 p m and night til 7 pm in the morning doing the same goddamn scenes. There were about 10 rain machines. And I’m running through the parking lot and its freezing cold in Georgia and im screaming and crying and going through a window and at 7 o’clock I just said “rob, my body is numb. I can’t do another one, I can’t feel my toes.”

The scene with Danielle Harris when I’m just holding her. I couldn’t get out of it. It was the first time I felt that in my whole acting career. And I ran downstairs crying. It was the first time I ever felt vulnerable in my own body. It was crazy. It was crazy to talk about it.

Would you do more work in the horror genre?

STC: Of course! I’m a fan of horror films myself. I love their stories. They’re all completely different. The fact that I’m now in the Halloween family is over-whelming.

Are you contracted to so another movie?

STC: No. And I wasn’t the first time, but that tells you something. But if they ever asked me to do another and it’s a great script, going in the right direction, and not going to upset the Halloween fans I’d gladly be apart of it.

Even if Rob wasn’t attached?

STC: I’d love for him to be involved, but I know he’s done. But me and rob will work again in the future on different stuff.

Check out Halloween 2 in theaters August 28th!