wedding band

Comedic legend Robin Williams has just signed on to star in a new romantic comedy according to Variety. The actor has joined the cast of the Disney film entitled Wedding Banned.  This will be a reunion of sorts for Williams who recently worked with the studio on the forthcoming Old Dogs.

In Wedding Banned, “Williams will play one-half of a long-divorced couple who kidnap their daughter on her wedding day in order to keep her from making a mistake. The divorced parents rekindle their relationship as they elude cops and the angry groom.” The film ‘s script was written by Jack Amiel and Michael Begler, which the studio picked up last summer.

Jack Amiel and Michael Begler are the same writers who penned Raising Helen and The Shaggy Dog remake. This film sounds like it’s right up their alley in terms of taste and style. I unfortunately hate movies like this. I miss the Robin Williams from my childhood. The actor who starred in Hook and Mrs. Doubtfire. He used to make films that made you laugh, but genuinely tugged at your heart strings at the same time.

I’ve heard good things about his performance in World’s Greatest Dad, which I saw as a sign of progression for the Oscar winning actor. Can we keep this winning streak going?

What do you think of Robin Williams joining Wedding Banned?