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You’d think it was October by the looks of this weekend’s movie showdown. The official end of summer is upon us and oddly enough horror movies are all the rage. The sequels Halloween II and The Final Destination are both competing for your box office dollars. One is another installment in what seems like a never ending franchise, while the other is a sequel to a remake of a previous franchise (confusing enough?). The choice is yours, which film would you actually pay money to see?

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Here’s my personal take on the situation. If I had to choose, I’d go for Halloween II. Even though it’s part of a remake franchise, I respect Rob Zombie‘s vision for it. As a director, I feel like he really understands the horror genre. The Final Destination series, goes hand and hand with the Saw franchise in my eyes. They attempt to have cohesion with the previous movies, but it never works. The first installment was the only film I truly enjoyed, and I haven’t been able to recapture that feeling since.

What do you think about these two films? Why did you pick one over the other?