Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy has to be one of my favorite movies. The 2004 Judd Apatow produced film featured Will Ferrell as the title character, based in 1970′s San Diego. Ever since the infamous “alley fight,” fans have wanted to see more from Ron, Brian, Champ, and Brick. Over at Empire they spoke to Apatow himself about the prospect of bringing the news team together for one more broadcast.

Will Ferrell and director Adam McKay have been stringing us along for years in regards to a potential follow up to the news based comedy. When Empire caught up with Apatow they thought it would be a good time to get some dirt on the sequel.

“They’re making a movie now, Will and Adam,” said Apatow, referring to the duo’s cop comedy, The Other Guys. “But I guess it’s a little bit more a possibility than it was a year ago, when it wasn’t being discussed at all.When we made Anchorman, Adam and Will had a lot of ideas about what the sequel would be – they’d always laugh about where they’d take the characters.”

This is what led to the fun stuff. What if Ron and the crew were old bags still doing the same jobs, but with a geriatric twist?

According to Apatow, “The great thing is, Will can be any age and play that character. Those anchormen sometimes have their jobs until they’re 75 years old. So we would always laugh that this movie could work if everybody’s really elderly.”

Even though I’d love to see them in their current state, I’ll give the senior citizen take a chance if it has a decent script attached to it. I need my Brian Fantana, and his panther cologne that smells like a dirty diaper and Indian food! If we can keep that spirit alive in the new film, I’ll be there!

How would you feel about an old Ron Burgundy?