helen mirren brighton rock

Oscar winner Helen Mirren has just signed on to star in a remake of Brighton Rock according to BBCNews. The actress will join Pete Postlethwaite, Sam Riley and Andrea Riseborough for the film based on the 1939 novel of the same name by Graham Greene. The previous film version was produced in 1947 and starred Richard Attenborough in the lead role.

In the remake of Brighton Rock, Mirren will star as Ida Arnold, while Postlethwaite will take on the role of Phil Corkery. The film centers on a teenager named Pinkie, “who seduces a young waitress after she stumbles on evidence linking him and his gang to a revenge killing committed by Pinkie.” Ida is an amateur detective who wants to find out the truth behind the killings.

The original story can come off as a bit dated, but writer-director Rowan Joffe feels that he has made the necessary adjustments to keep it fresh. “We’re making Brighton Rock as contemporary as we possibly can because the story feels ‘modern’. It’s too alive, too vibrant and too relevant to be contained in the late 1930s.”

Filming on Brighton Rock begins this October, with a national release scheduled through BBC Films. I’ve never seen the original version of Brighton Rock, because I’ve never been able to find it. Hopefully this remake will shine some light on it, and give viewers an opportunity to see them both. I’d love to see Attenborough’s performance!

What do you think of Helen Mirren joining the cast of Brighton Rock?