He’s baaaaack. After an eighty-million dollar box office success in 2007 with Halloween, Rob Zombie will re-introduce everyone’s favorite neighborhood whack job: Michael Meyers. Halloween 2, starring Scout Taylor-Compton, picks up where the last film ends, but this time there’s even more blood, screaming, and senseless killing. Shocker.

Check out the plot, the good, and the bad…

The Plot:

Zombie’s second installment of Halloween features the torturous aftermath of Laurie Strode’s near-death encounter with Michael Meyers. That’s really all you need to know…

The Good:

Brutal honesty. I am struggling to form concrete opinions in the “GOOD” department. Here are my generous conclusions:

  • ACTING: The performances, on the whole, were impressive. Scout Taylor-Compton (who just wrapped The Runaway’s with Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning) reprised her role as Laurie Strode, which was surprisingly emotionally demanding…even for a slasher film. Typically, the blood-curdling screams and flooding displays of tears from every horror film’s protagonist are a direct result of them being chased with a dagger or power tool. Laurie’s character, however, is slowly discovering the magnitude of her fractured state of mind since having witnessed the brutal death of her parents one year ago, by our pal, Mr. Meyers. Taylor-Compton is playing a deeply traumatized teenage girl battling her own sanity. That being said, I applaud her painfully honest portrayal of Laurie.

The Good/Bad

(Depending on your preference)…

  • The Gore: Yes, it’s a Rob Zombie film, so unwarranted slaughter-scenes come with the territory. But there were probably about 10 minutes of tape, in total, that weren’t speckled with blood. For eighty percent of the screening my eyes were staring at the back of their lids. Since press screenings are free, I endured the cinematic nightmare. Will the general movie-going audience willingly muster up the stamina required to get through this two-hour circus of executions??

The Bad:

  • Zombie made the choice to give this installment more depth, sure. The dream sequences and sub-conscious visits from “young” Michael Meyers were an attempt to feature a back-story of some sort. Lovely. Elaborating on Laurie’s story to highlight her madness gave her character some potential substance. Even lovelier. But the excessive, sickeningly vivid, overtly gruesome slaughter scenes every six minutes served as an enormous deflection. Nobody in the audience cared about these fresh character explorations – they were trying to anesthetize their nausea.


Again, it’s a Rob Zombie picture – an audience should know what to expect. This is not my favorite genre, so I admit, it was not my cup of tea. If you’re into the guts, go for it. But don’t say I didn’t warn you…

Rating: 5/10

Watch the bloodbath in theaters August 28th!

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