SURROGATES: Radha Mitchell and Bruce Willis With Suspicious Hair

The live action adaptation of the graphic novel Surrogates won’t hit theaters until September 25th, but a few new photos have been released. The latest music video from recording artists Breaking Benjamin features new footage from the film, that include stars Bruce Willis and Radha Mitchell. The song is entitled “I Will Not Bow,” and due to the subject matter, expect to see plenty of lifeless bodies and questionable faces. View the photos and the video below.

I love the fact that Bruce Willis wears various toupee’s in his films with no shame. He and Samuel L. Jackson are my hair idols. The story focuses on a man as he investigates several mysterious deaths that he believes are connected to a government program, which is extremely high tech and allows people to buy flawless robot versions of themselves. What will people do with that type of power?

Do you plan on seeing Surrogates when it hits theaters this fall?