Avatar Photo: Sigourney Weaver's Avatar

I know for a lot of you, the teaser trailer for Avatar left a bitter taste in your mouth, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Some new photos have been released from the film that show Sigourney Weaver and Zoe Saldana in action as their Na’vi counterparts. I have to say the way they matched the details of the actors faces to their CGI characters is amazing.

Check out the new photos below…

As you can see, we also threw in two new photos of Sam Worthington as Jake Sully. We had to add him for good measure, especially after his heartfelt defense to the criticism the film has been receiving as of late. These photos should appear in the latest issue of Empire Magazine, which will have Worthington’s avatar on the cover. Avatar will hit theaters this holiday season on December 18th. Will you be there to see it?

Images courtesy of MarketSaw.

What do you think of the latest photos from Avatar?

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