kevin arcana

You read that right. Kevin Tancharoen the director of this fall’s Fame (above) “reimagining” will tackle the adaptation of Arcana. Arcana is a popular graphic novel that features some slight influence from the classic sci-fi thriller, Blade Runner. How in the world will Tancharoen go from pirouettes to punches? Find out more on the film below.

According to Empire, the choreographer turned director will helm the action film, which will be produced by Brett Ratner. Arcana will be based on a script written by John Ridley, who is currently working on Red Tails for George Lucas. Tancharoen came up with the idea for the film along with actor Harry Shum Jr. (Fox’s Glee). The details regarding the film’s plot are being kept under lock and key, but we do know it will use green screen technology similar to Zack Snyder‘s 300.

I don’t know much about Arcana or it’s fanbase but I’m interested in hearing their feelings about this movie. Is the material adaptable to film? Would we have another Watchmen on our hands where its film compatibility is constantly questioned? I’m not familiar with Tancharoen’s work, and I’m pretty sure I won’t catch Fame in theaters. I probably won’t see it until it gets picked up for TBS syndication.

What do you think about Arcana being made into a feature film? Do you think Kevin Tancharoen is the right director for the project?