jason winer shining city

Up and coming TV director Jason Winer is stepping up to the feature film plate. According to Yahoo, he is in negotiations to make his big screen directorial debut. The film is called Shining City and is based off of the Seth Greenland comedic novel of the same name. Find out more on the film and its director below.

Winer is a former actor turned TV director who recently helmed the pilot for the new ABC series Modern Family. He will direct Shining City from a screenplay adapted by Jarrad Paul and Andrew Mogel. “The story centers on a recently unemployed suburban milquetoast dad whose brother dies and leaves behind a dry-cleaning business. He discovers that the business is a front for a prostitution ring, takes it over and starts yuppifying it — giving the women 401(k)s and health benefits — and bringing on his wife to help run things. When a rival madam finds out about the operation, she threatens to take them down.”

What actors could you imagine starring in this film? For some odd reason I see Ryan Reynolds as a possibility, which is odd considering that he and Winer both co-starred in National Lampoon’s: Van Wilder together.

What do you think about Winer’s upcoming feature film debut? Have you read the novel from which it’s based?