hamlet horror

Why Catherine Hardwicke? What’s the point of this madness? According to Collider, Hardwicke’s vision for her upcoming Hamlet adaptation will be something like we’ve never seen before. It will feature her Lords of Dogtown star Emile Hirsch as the title character, and he recently spoke about the vision the director has for her take on the Shakespearean tale. More on the film below.

According to Hirsch we can expect for this Hamlet to have some serious horror influence.

“I’m working on a modern-day younger adaptation of Hamlet, in verse, molded to be almost like this supernatural horror movie. Where it’s not a horror-slasher movie, it’s like a suspense-horror… All the cast will be much younger and it’s geared towards a younger audience.

Do I smell Twilight rearing its ugly head? Please leave that with Stephenie Meyers, we don’t want it touching the classics. What’s so sad about this situation is that I’m not even against her trying to create a fresh take on the story. We’ve all seen Hamlet done so many times, that it’s become redundant. There is a Gothic element to the book that can be taken into the horror genre, I just don’t trust her with it.

I do like Emile Hirsch and I think he is one of the most talented actors in his age group right now.  Seeing a younger Hamlet for a change wouldn’t be a bad thing, especially if the actor can handle the material. It’s the director I’m having issues with.

What do you think of Catherine Hardwicke’s horror take on Hamlet? Do you think she can pull it off?