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This is a bit much isn’t it? According to THR, Avatar movie tickets are already available for purchase. James Cameron’s latest epic won’t hit theaters for another four months, but people are already lining up to get their tickets early.

With the amount of hype that’s been surrounding the film from day one, I don’t know why any of us are surprised by this latest development.

After last week’s Avatar Day, theater chain AMC has decided to start selling early passes to the December 18th release of the film. MovieTickets.com and Fandango began ringing up ticket sales on Friday for screenings at more than 75 AMC locations, most of them Imax 3D venues.

“Tickets being put on sale for a film four months in advance is unheard of,” MovieTickets exec vp Joel Cohen said. “The fact that tickets have already been sold really speaks to the tremendous buzz the film has already created and the power of James Cameron at the box office.” According to a Fandango spokesperson midnight ticket sales were said to be “healthy.”

I know it’s easy to jump on Fox for pulling a crazy stunt like this, but according to the studio’s senior VP of distribution Chris Aronson, AMC came up with the idea:

“They said that if all these people are going to come to our theater to see 16 minutes of a film that doesn’t open until December, let’s give them an opportunity to buy tickets to the first performances of the show itself.”

The runtime for Avatar is estimated to be between 2 1/2 to 3 hours long. I do plan on seeing the film when it debuts in theaters this winter. I won’t buy my tickets four months in advance, there are some lines I’m just not willing to cross. What about you?

Would you buy your Avatar tickets four months in advance or are fans going overboard?

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