Although there are plenty of you out there that love Twilight, this Twilight T-Shirt giveaway was focused on the rest of the world. As part of our giveaway, which was thanks to, we asked all of you to tell us why you hate Twilight. It seems as if you weren’t short on reasons…

The five people listed below will each receive an awesome T-Shirt with the tag line, “Hello My Name Is Twilight And I Am A Dracula.”

  • Ilyssa: You won for basically pointing out to us the obvious, Twilight has made way for 1,000 shit vampire movies.
  • chris swans: For standing up for all the sexiest BS the movie entails
  • TGene Mui: Because I love the idea that men are afraid they MIGHT actually be turning into vampires.
  • And Massey and Jona: Both of you deserve a shirt to mock all those girls who want you to look more like Edward. Wear your shirt and go get a tan!

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An e-mail has been sent to our winners with details on how to receive your shirt.

Thanks for playing! We always have great giveaways going, so check back often!