princess and the frog villain

A good promotional piece has been released for Disney’s upcoming feature The Princess and the Frog. It focuses on the film’s villain Dr. Facilier, played by Keith David. I saw a little snippet of his character in action at Comic-Con, and I have to say he is one to watch. The following video gives us an inside look at the creation and the casting of this colorful character. You can view the video below.

As you can see this film is taking us back in more ways than one. I think Keith David was perfect casting for this role. He has been a character actor for years, and he has the somber voice to accompany someone as shady as Dr. Facilier. I got chills just watching the animators hand draw the performances. It reminds me of a featurette I saw years ago on The Lion King.

The Princess and the Frog won’t hit theaters until December 11th, but is my top film pick for this holiday season. What’s yours?

What do you think about the behind the scenes footage from The Princess and the Frog?