whip it close up

Over MTV, they’ve debut an exclusive poster for Drew Barrymore‘s upcoming directorial debut, Whip It. The film stars Ellen Page, Kristen Wiig, Juliette Lewis, and Barrymore herself. The film has been getting a lot of positive buzz due to it’s quirky story and talented cast. You can check out the full theatrical poster below.


After seeing the trailer for this film it has quickly become one of my “must sees” for the fall. The cast alone makes me excited about the project. I’m sure we’ve all seen Rollerball, or other various movies about this aggressive sport, but how many feature the return of Daniel Stern? Where has he been?! Stern was a significant part of my childhood by starring in Home Alone and doing the narration for The Wonder Years. Who can forget that? Also, stunt woman/actress Zoe Bell is kicking ass and taking names later.There’s just too much amazing talent to pass this up.

Whip It hits theaters on October 9th.

Are you interested in seeing Barrymore’s directorial debut, Whip It?