Could the third Batman movie from Christopher Nolan be filmed completely in IMAX? That’s what the people over at AICN seem to think. As you may know certain portions of The Dark Knight were shot using the technology and it looked glorious. Just to be clear, we’re not just talking about IMAX Digital. This is the real deal. Find out more on the story below.

According to Harry, “the third chapter of Christopher Nolan’s Caped Crusader’s saga could very well be fully shot in IMAX, not IMAX Digital – but the beautiful, stunning IMAX that we saw pieces of The Dark Knight in.” He carefully points out that even though this would be a costly process for the studio, it’s still a possibility.

The cost of shooting an entire feature film on IMAX… the stock, the time it takes to reset, to load, to move the cameras… Well… it is daunting, but as Nolan proved with DARK KNIGHT – the difference is stunning.

He also suggests that Nolan may have used his off time from the Bat films to stock up on some new IMAX cameras for a shoot. Everything we’ve heard about the third Batman has been carried with a grain of salt. I’m not saying that this couldn’t be true, but we haven’t heard anything definite from Nolan about the project in a long time. At the moment everything surrounding him seems to be Inception based.

What do you think about a third Batman film shot completely in IMAX?