It appears that Fox and director David Goyer are under the impression that they can make a legitimate Magneto spin-off. It’s no secret that Magneto was intended to be the first film in the X-Men Origins series, but somehow the fan outcry and the financial potential of Wolverine won out instead. According to FirstShowing, Goyer is reassuring us that we can still look forward to a prequel based on the Marvel villain. More on the story below.

Right now, Fox’s plate is filled with X-Men spin-offs including X-Men: First Class, Wolverine 2, Deadpool, and now they’re throwing Magneto back into the mix. According to Goyer, “They’re still thinking about doing it. They’re definitely looking into doing other X-Men spin-offs.” The director has been keeping in contact with the big boys at the studio and he’s adamant that the film “will move forward in the next year or so.”

Here’s my take on this situation. After X-Men 3 came out and critically bombed but commercially flourished Fox put Magneto and Wolverine into development almost immediately. Somehow along the line they decided they wanted to capitalize off of Hugh Jackman and fast tracked his movie into production. As the finished product we got that heaping pile of fudge called X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

I think Magneto will take a lot more work to produce, since a younger actor will have to be hired. Finding the right person for a film like this is crucial. It will take a lot of effort, which I don’t think Fox wants to put out. I doubt that we’ll see this film start production in less than three years.

The studio will want to milk their already developing projects for all their worth, especially Deadpool. Now that Ryan Reynolds has also been cast as the Green Lantern, his schedule just got a whole lot busier. There’s a lot of competition on the X-Men front, and I think Goyer’s just being optimistic.

What do you think about the ever developing Magneto film? Do you think it will ever get made?