Who is excited to see the full length trailer for M Night. Shyamalan’s adaptation of The Last Airbender? Anyone? Someone must be. I still have flashbacks of The Lady in the Water and The Happening. They were traumatizing but I’m trying to put them behind me.

For all my rude comments about his films, the first teaser trailer did look interesting, but then again, we all know that Shyamalan can set up a good shot, it’s that whole plot thing that gets in his way.

So when will we be seeing more of his latest film so that we can judge him further?

Many of you might be thinking the same thing as me, which is, “we saw the teaser for this movie back in June, the full trailer must be coming out soon, right?” WRONG!

Producer Frank Marshall recently tweeted when the trailer would hopefully be ready by…

For those of you wondering about LAST AIRBENDER, all is well in post and we r working on a trailer for Xmas…

Considering the fact that the film isn’t due out until next summer this is completely reasonable. But I still feel like there is a HUGE gap between the first teaser and the full length. Almost enough time (dare I say) for people to forget about the film?

Maybe they just got a little too excited and had a premature trailer release problem. Happens to a lot of films apparently.

So who thinks that this trailer will disappoint them and who thinks it will pave the way for Shyamalan’s return to a decent film?