prince caspian narnia

The second sequel in the Narnia franchise is currently in production. The film entitled, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader will include the return of all your favorite characters including the most recent addition, Prince Caspian. Producer Mark Johnson recently spoke to ComingSoon about his vision for the third film, and the involvement of previous director Andrew Adamson.

It’s no big secret that the last film in the series, The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian didn’t reach the expectations of fans or critics alike. The burn from it’s reception was so bad that Disney actually decided not to produce a third film, leaving the franchise without a studio home. Enter the Walden Media/ 20th Century Fox collaboration, and we’ve got a new movie on our hands.

This time around Michael Apted will be taking over the reigns from previous Narnia writer and director Andrew Adamson. Adamson will serve as a producer on Dawn Treader, so his influence will still be felt somewhat in the film. Johnson stated:

“It’s a whole new franchise, I think it’s really benefiting from it. It’s a slightly different look. This one is different from the others, it’s in that ['Seventh Voyage of Sinbad,' old Harryhausen films] league and they go from island to island having adventures. I’m very excited about it.”

He also added that Adamson gave him some words of advice when it came to recreating the overall vision of the story.

“I had just re-read the book and he said, I don’t want to make a film based on ‘The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe,’ I want to make a movie based on my recollection of it. He took a 9-year-old boy’s imagination. He saw things that are not even in the book. Lewis left, sometimes major battles, on a single page, so Adamson just re-imagined it.”

The third Narnia film is currently in shooting and should hit theaters on December 10, 2010. We all know how release dates like to change every now and again, so we’ll see how long this one sticks.

What do you think about Johnson’s vision for The Dawn Treader?