john carter of mars west, walker, morton

The sci-fi epic John Carter of Mars just infused three more talented actors into it’s casting pool. Today must be a good day for HBO alumni because Dominic West, Polly Walker, and Samantha Morton have all signed on to star in John Carter. The film will be produced by Disney, and directed by Wall-E’s Andrew Stanton. More on the actors and their roles below.

John Carter of Mars is based off of the Edgar Rice Burroughs books of the same name. Carter is an injured Civil War vet who mysteriously finds himself transported to the planet Mars. Taylor Kitsch has been cast as the title character, his love interest will be played by Lynn Collins, and Willem Defoe will star as his right hand man.

According Empire, “Morton will be playing Dafoe’s daughter Sola, West will play the villainous Sab Than of the Zodangans, who believes he ought to be ruling Mars. And Walker will star as Sarkoja, an aggressive Thark. In the books, the Tharks are green and have four arms.”

Today’s HBO connection is out of control. Stephen Moyer from the series True Blood just joined the film Priest, now stars from The Wire (West) and Rome (Walker) also got movie deals. Both actors were featured on shows that never got the credit they deserved. At least their talented casts are making strides in feature films. Production on John Carter of Mars will start early next year in Utah.

What do you think about the trio of actors joining the film?