elizabeth banks the next three days

Elizabeth Banks is an actress who can easily transition from comedy to drama. Banks is known for her work opposite Steve Carell and Seth Rogen, but now she’ll be teaming up with Oscar winner Paul Haggis. According to THR, the actress is in final negotiations to star in the writer-director’s upcoming project The Next Three Days. More on Banks and Haggis below.

The story of The Next Three Days centers on a husband and wife who are put in a horrible situation that places the wife in prison for a crime she didn’t commit. Her husband must race against the clock to exonerate her and find the real killer. The film is a remake of 2008 French feature Pour Elle, which was written and directed by Fred Cavaye. Russell Crowe will star as the husband, while Banks is up for the role of his wife.

Production on The Next Three Days is scheduled to start next month. Like I previously stated, I’ve seen Banks do her fair share of drama as well as comedy, but I am a bit surprised by her casting choice in this film. For Haggis to place her opposite someone like Russell Crowe she must have given a hell of an audition. Just the thought of those two playing a married couple seems somewhat off to me. Even with my reservations I have faith that she can pull off whatever is thrown at her.

What do you think of Elizabeth Banks being cast in The Next Three Days?