bradley cooper the hangover 2

Bradley Cooper was out promoting his upcoming romantic comedy All About Steve recently, and spilled the beans on the sequel to this summer’s “surprise” hit, The Hangover. He along with Steve co-star Sandra Bullock discussed the plot possibilities for the unsuspecting friends this second time around. Could Bullock make an appearance? Find out more below.

When we brought up the subject of The Hangover 2, Cooper answered with a steady, “I think so. Yes.” His response was a lot more enthusiastic than his former co-star Zach Galifianakis, who isn’t in complete agreement with a sequel. This is a sentiment that Bullock concurred with. “What, like you didn’t learn your lesson the first time?” Obviously Sandra doesn’t know that for some people it takes multiple drunken nights to learn your lesson, or at least that’s the angle Bradley’s shooting for.

Bradley: I’d like to find out. We’re actually really excited about the second one. We were talking about it while we were filming the first one cause we were having so much fun. Warner brothers actually wanted to do it before it even came out.

I will agree that the onscreen chemistry between the characters did benefit off the actors camaraderie. After talking about how much fun he had on set, Sandra decided she might want to get it on some of the action.

Sandra: Can I be in it? I’m trying to think of who I’m going to play.

Bradley: Mrs. Chow

What’s sad is that I can actually see that working! I love Ken Jeong, he was hilarious in that role.

Are you excited about another Hangover movie? What could they do differently in the sequel?