terminator 5

Recently the production of the Terminator Salvation follow up has come into question. Over at the LATimes, they gave a rundown of all of the recent road blocks the film has encountered within the past few months. The luke warm response to the fourth installment didn’t exactly encourage studio execs to shell out money for another one. So, with so many issue to draw from, is Terminator 5 in trouble?

Right now the Terminator franchise is in the midst of a serious legal battle. Film producers Derek Anderson and Victor Kubicek are suing the Santa Barbara hedge fund Pacificor, and one of its former employees who helped arrange the loans for their film through the company. The duo are in the middle of developing Terminator 5, but are having trouble with accumulating enough money to keep their production company a float.

The suits come as the Halcyon Company, owned by Anderson and Kubicek, has been attempting to raise money to keep operating their company, according to several people familiar with the situation.The duo also is in the early stages of development on a fifth “Terminator” film, two people familiar with their efforts said. If they don’t prevail in the suit or raise enough money to pay back Pacificor, however, they may not get the chance to make another movie. According to the complaints, the hedge fund may end up taking control of the “Terminator” rights, which served as collateral for its loans.

This whole situation sounds suspicious and dismal. Terminator Salvation didn’t make as much as people expected but it wasn’t a complete bomb either. What happened to the revenue generated from it’s sales? If they are entrenched in legal fees, and court dates how and when will they ever find the time to produce a quality Terminator? Is this a sign that T5 is not meant to be?

Do you think there should be another Terminator movie? Do you think they’ll be able to pull it together amidst all the legal trouble?