avatar trailer: what went wrong?

Yesterday morning, the first Avatar teaser trailer hit the internet and after all the hype that has been built up for longer than we can remember, fans appeared to be unimpressed (check out the results of our Avatar poll). For fans of James Cameron, the trailer was an opportunity to finally see a product that’s been over a decade in the making. The overall response to the footage was less than stellar, but what makes no sense is that critics and fans were all ecstatic over the 22 minutes that they saw at Comic-Com.

So, what happened? How did something so highly anticipated and previously so loved receive such a backlash from viewers? More on my theory below.

There are two types of viewers whose interpretations have shaped the reception of the trailer…

The first group, is filled with us lucky ones who got to see the clips You have those who saw it at Comic-Con and were completely blown away. I personally saw the Comic-Con footage in 3-D and on the big screen and thought the clip they showed was amazing. After that, there’s no way that a 2 minute clip on my 13 inch lap top monitor could do it justice.

Those who weren’t predisposed to Avatar were in for a rude awakening. The visuals for this film were put on a high pedestal way before a photo or frame was even released from it. You kept hearing the words “game breaking” and “future of filmmaking” tossed around in conjunction with the movie. When it finally came down to seeing anything from it, people were let down, partly because their standards were so high, but also because the trailer wasn’t really that good.

Either way, both parties were disappointed…

In all honesty, I do have some issues with the look of the Avatar’s. The designs just not as original as I thought it should be.

avatar delgo

Does this combination look familiar? I’m just throwing Delgo out there. I’m not even going to mention the FernGully backdrop they had going on. But after seeing how good this film can be, all I can say is, this is a crap trailer that doesn’t do it justice.

Now that Avatar Day has finally arrived, I think there will be a reverse Comic-Con situation. There will be a group of people who previously saw the footage on their computers, being exposed to it in theaters, and having their minds blow. Seeing it in the original 3-D format may be the way to cross over some of these unimpressed fans. I think the presentation of the trailer had a lot to do with the negative reviews its received.

What’s your theory on why the trailer was so poorly received? What do you think happened with the trailer?

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