The fourth installment of the Jason Bourne franchise just got a new writer. According to THR, Universal has hired some fresh meat to pen the next sequel in the popular series. As you may know, Matt Damon will be making his return as the title character, whom he last played in 2007′s The Bourne Ultimatum. More on the film below.

Originally George Nolfi, who worked on Ultimatum returned to pen the fourth script. He also boarded to write and direct The Adjustment Bureau, an adaptation of a Philip K. Dick short story that reteams him with Damon. Unfortunately, he had to jump ship on Bourne due to scheduling difficulties with Bureau. The film will be starting production next month, and he wouldn’t have been able to handle the workload of both.

Universal is adamant about Bourne making it’s 2011 release, so they’ve opted to go with a new writer named Josh Zetumer. According to a spokesperson for the studio, “Our hope is that Nolfi, a key member of the ‘Bourne’ team, will return after he is done with The Adjustment Bureau.” So, if and when  Nolfi does come back where does that leave the new guy? They haven’t made it clear whether or not they will fuse the two stories together upon his return.

That sounds horrible right off the bat. Universal is scaring be with their questionable writing practices. If your going to have multiple screenwriters, have them work together so there can be some sort of cohesiveness to the end product. Don’t ruin Bourne for me!

What do you thin about a new writer being hired for the fourth Bourne film?