thornton pound for pound

Award winning actor-writer Billy Bob Thornton will be heading for the ring in Pound for Pound. According to Yahoo, that’s the title of his upcoming feature film, and as you can probably tell, it will be a boxing centered piece. Pound has the potential to follow in the footsteps of its critically acclaimed predecessor Million Dollar Baby. Both films are based on novels written by F.X. Toole. More on Pound for Pound below.

The film “centers on the parallel lives of a retired, widowed boxer who’s beset by depression after his grandson is killed in a car accident and an up-and-coming teenage Latino fighter from a difficult background. The lives of the two intersect in unexpected ways.” The screenplay for Pound will be written by Ron Shelton, who will also direct.

Do I smell Oscar potential here? I think Thornton is a good actor when given the right material. It’s been a while since I’ve seen him in something truly mind blowing. Eagle Eye didn’t do it for me in terms of substance. I need some old school, Sling Blade acting. The novel from which the film is based was published two years after the Rope Burns, the book used for Million Dollar Baby’s material.

Do you think Pound for Pound can follow in Million Dollar Baby’s footsteps?