third x-files movie

Didn’t the second X-Files movie tank at the box office? Let’s be honest, before you read this headline did you even remember that there was a second X-Files movie? Last year Fox released The X-Files: I Want to Believe, which turned out to be a huge box office disappointment. It reunited the original series stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, but even that nostalgic bit wasn’t enough to carry the film. Now there’s word that a follow up is on the horizon, and with possible recasts! More on the story below.

Over at Moviehole, they’re suggesting that 20th Century Fox may be looking to reboot the franchise. Reboots usually include recasting of the main characters and starting from scratch. Likely, the studio will go back a few years and follow a “year one” format similar to what Warner Bros. did with Batman Begins. This is only one side of the story though. Gillian Anderson has been quoted as saying a third film is already in development for 2012.

So much speculation is surrounding this franchise and I don’t understand why. The X-Files has a cult following there’s no denying that, but the last movie was just bad. There’s no getting around it. I also blame the studio, because the marketing for it was horrible. I literally saw a poster  and a TV spot only a week or so before it’s release last year. That’s not good promotion.

I don’t think a reboot is the answer, and I’m not sure if I want to see another sequel either. Can we just let this go? The show had several successful seasons on TV, and the first film was a hit. Fox needs to just cut their losses and move on.

What do you think about another X-Files film?