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If you’re like me, the utter idea of watching Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen again makes your stomach turn. The sequel to the 2007 Hasbro hit was a critical dud, but a commercial success at this summer’s box office. Mostly, stemming from the built in audience of it’s predecessor. According to MTV, Paramount has announced the release date for the film on Blu-ray and traditional DVD. Find out more on the story below.

The autobots will “roll out” this fall on October 20th. In a not so surprising move the discs will be filled with plenty of extras to entice you to buy them.

The release will feature more than three hours of extras, highlighted by a multi-part documentary that chronicles the making of the film from start to finish, and includes cast and crew interviews. It will also include a featurette following [Michael]Bay for an entire day during a visit to Tokyo for the film’s premiere, a look at the past 25 years of “Transformers” as a toy brand and cartoon, conceptual artwork, extended scenes, visual effects vignettes and a music video for Linkin Park’s “New Divide,” which graced the “RotF” soundtrack.

Here’s the full description of what you can expect to pop up on the Two-Disc Special Edition DVD & Blu-ray discs.

Disc 1:
• Commentary by Michael Bay, Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman

Disc 2:
• The Human Factor: Exacting Revenge of the Fallen—This multi-chapter documentary chronicles the entire creation of the film and includes interviews with the cast and crew:
o Seeds of Vengeance – Development and Design – After the overwhelming success of 2007’s Transformers, how do the filmmakers top themselves for the sequel?
o Domestic Destruction – Production: United States – Michael Bay believes in going big: Big action and big explosions. Cast and crew are pushed to the limit as they traverse the U.S. from New Mexico to Pennsylvania.
o Joint Operations – Production: Military – No other filmmaker in the world enjoys the kind of military access and cooperation Michael Bay has. Here we see just how efficient our armed forces are and the awe and respect shown by the cast.
o Wonders of the World – Production: Middle East – You can’t really reproduce Egypt anywhere but Egypt so off we go to Giza and Luxor.
o Start Making Sense – Editing – In order to turn over the massive amount of film as quickly as possible to VFX, four editors work tirelessly in a unique tag-team approach to shape the film.
o Under the Gun – Visual Effects – Revenge of the Fallen features the most complicated VFX in film history. So complicated in fact that the filmmakers were unsure they would make the deadline. The DEVASTATOR VFX alone required 83% of ILM’s total render farm capacity.
o Running the Gauntlet – Post-Production and Release – Working seven days a week, Michael Bay and company usher the film through sound design, Digital Intermediate color-timing and a globe-trotting whirlwind of premieres.

• The ALLSPARK Experiment—Viewers get their chance to unleash the power of the recently recovered ALLSPARK shard on Earth vehicles. Begin by selecting and customizing a vehicle with a selection of parts and accessories. Then apply the ALLSPARK to this creation and watch what happens. Applying the ALLSPARK to certain custom combinations enables four new robot characters with special powers. If viewers discover all four, they unlock a fifth vehicle, which reveals a top secret message about the future of the TRANSFORMERS movie franchise.
• NEST: Transformer Data-Hub—A database of some of the TRANSFORMERS characters that appear in the new film, offering users access to each robot’s confidential file including:
o Innovative 3D spin galleries of each robot
o A timeline for each TRANSFORMERS character charting its origins, back story and design evolution from toys to animated series to comics and finally feature films
• Giant Effing Movie – A very personal look at the making of the movie.
• The Matrix of Marketing—An archive of the film’s promotional media including trailers, posters and television spots.

They really want you to buy this DVD! I have the special edition of the first film and it doesn’t have half as many special features as this.

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Will you buy the Transformers ROTF DVD when it comes out?