iron man 2 justin hammer photo

A new photo has been released from Jan Favreau’s sequel to to last year’s box office hit, Iron Man. We’ve seen several photos of Robert Downey, Jr. on set and in character and now it’s Sam Rockwell‘s time to shine. The actor stars as Justin Hammer, a weapons dealer, designer, and potential bad guy. Over at ComingSoon, they’ve posted a photo of the character doing what he does best, manipulating people. View the full photo below.


Justin Hammer is a rival industrialist to Tony Stark. They’re both into making money and lots of it. The only difference is Hammer doesn’t have a moral compass to keep him from diving into unethical activities. In the comic he liked to do crazy things like bank roll major criminal operations. He’s also British, and a bit older in the books as well.

The little bit that I have seen from Rockwell’s portrayal of Hammer isn’t that bad. It definitely strays away from the older, more distinguished villain I’m used to, but I’m not appalled by his take on the guy. You’ll be able to check out his performance for yourself when Iron Man 2 hits theaters next May.

What do you think of the latest photo from Iron Man 2?