resurrection remake

As I write this post I can hear the Righteous Brother’s tune, “Unchained Melody” playing in my head. The song has become synonymous with the 1990 Oscar nominated sap-fest known as Ghost. No negativity implied, I love that sap-fest. The film garnered as Oscar nod for Best Picture and a win for Whoopi Goldberg and it’s screenwriter Bruce Joel Rubin.

According to Yahoo, Rubin has been tapped to focus his award winning talent on the DreamWorks adaptation of the Japanese hit, Yomigaeri aka Resurrection. More on the film below.

“Akihiko Shiota’s 2003 supernaturally themed pic centered on a town in which people who have been dead for decades come back to life. Instead of engaging in zombie behavior, though, the townspeople simply return to their normal lives as though nothing changed.” DreamWorks plans on remaking the feature for American audiences and believe Rubin is just the man to do it. He’s apparently already written an “elaborate treatment” for the film.

Most recently Rubin wrote the screenplay for the Eric Bana movie The Time Traveler’s Wife, which opened in third place at last week’s box office. Take from that revelation what you will. DreamWorks acquired the rights to Resurrection last year, and have changed the working title to Rainbow Bridge. Isn’t that an interesting name?

What do you think about a Resurrection remake?