Catherine Hardwicke please stop! I gave you Thirteen, I even thought Lords of Dogtown was decent, but Little Red Riding Hood and 21 Jump Street? Stop the overall madness people. According to THR, Hardwicke is in negotiations to direct both films. Two properties that are important parts of my childhood could possibly end up in her hands. More on the story below.

First off, the director is in early negotiations with Warner Bros. and Appian Way to helm Little Red Riding Hood. As we previously reported, it’s going to be a darker version of the famous fable. David Leslie Johnson, the screenwriter of the horror flick Orphan has been tapped to adapt the story for the studio.

Secondly, 21 Jump Street is currently in development with it’s script being written by Jonah Hill, who might be persuing the film as a “starring vehicle.” It’s described as “an action-heavy retelling of the Fox television series. The show centered on a group of twentysomething policemen who looked young enough to go undercover in high schools and colleges.”

Even though nothing’s been set in stone, Hardwicke is taking meetings and discussing her options. Why did Summit Entertainment have to let her go? Ever since they parted ways she’s been on every high profile film project like white on rice! She’s already confirmed to direct both Maximum Ride, and a retelling of Hamlet with Emile Hirsch.

Is it wrong that 21 Jump Street was more a part of my childhood than Little Red Riding Hood? Can Johnny Depp make a cameo as Officer Swanson? Wouldn’t it be funny if he popped up in a classroom still trying to work the same undercover hustle? That would be hilarious.

I couldn’t resist! Here’s one of my favorite openings from the show. You have to love that eighties theme song!

Do you think Catherine Hardwicke should direct either one of these films?