luke cage

How long have we been waiting for a live action film version of Luke Cage? I want to say about 15 years or so, but I could be off by a bit. The Marvel character, who serves as Nicolas Cage’s namesake has been a part of the movie rumor mill forever. The most recent info has John Singleton on tap to direct with Tyrese Gibson to star, yet the film is still in the development process.

Actor Brian J. White thinks he has what it takes to play Cage, and claims that he’s been chasing the role for years. More on White below.

Over at Moviehole, Brian J. White gave a recent interview where he opened up about his dream role of Luke Cage.

‘’I would love to be Luke Cage”, says the amiable actor, “I’ve been saying it over-and-over again in the press for years! Those are the roles – Green Lantern, Green Hornet, Luke Cage. There’s some other graphic novels – some horror ones – that I also like, but I really would love to do Luke Cage.”

The actor notes that he has the physical similarities as well as the acting chops to pull off the character.

“I think I have the skill-set” fit for a superhero movie, says White. “Like Iron Man, you have to be able to handle drama and comedy; you have to have the physique to be able to take off your shirt; you have to have a certain statue – if you’re 5’8 it doesn’t really work so well, unless it’s a small superhero – and you have to have a certain athletic ability. That’s what I’m angling towards. These are $150 million-dollar movies, so I’m trying to pay my dues, and do the work, so that I might get a look-in.”

I wouldn’t be against White playing Cage myself. I think he’s absolutely right about having the physical and mental combination of talent to pull off any superhero. I think Tyrese is a good fit, but he’s been rumored to star in this film since before the first Transformers came out. Currently, the script is being written with a tentative release date for 2011. Where will it fit in with the rest of The Avengers?

Do you think Luke Cage will ever get made? Should the studio give Brian J. White a shot?