Avatar: Stephen Lang and Sam Worthington

The longstanding Avatar hype may have been a blessing and a curse for the film. The teaser trailer to James Cameron’s sci-fi epic premiered this morning and has been a hot topic of discussion. Many of you went over to our official Avatar poll and gave your two cents on whether or not the trailer lived up to the hype. More on the trailer reaction below.

According to Yahoo, “fan response to the two-minute version was mixed Thursday on sites such as Twitter and Facebook. The December release from 20th Century Fox was one of Twitter’s trending topics Thursday.” Avatar reactions have managed to infiltrate blogs, social networks, and other various forms of media. This thing is everywhere!

Tomorrow, August 21st is Avatar Day and conventional and IMAX theaters all over the world will be showing 15 minutes of footage from the film. The Avatar preview will include an introduction from Cameron and some new footage not shown during July’s Comic-Con International convention in San Diego. If you’re like me you probably thought the trailer would premiere at the screening, but it looks like Fox had other things in mind.

If you haven’t seen the teaser already you can view it by clicking on our Avatar trailer post. Once you watch it, take our poll and let us know what you think.

Do you agree with the mixed reviews of the Avatar trailer?

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