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This morning, randomly out of left field, the first teaser trailer for James Cameron‘s Avatar hit the web. Many fans thought they would see the video tomorrow as an official kick off for Avatar Day. Wrong! It debuted today, and for those of you who didn’t attend Comic-Con, it was your first look at any live action footage from the film. So the question is, what did you think?

After months of CGI, 3-D imaging talk you finally got to see what Cameron and all the industry folks have been yapping about. Is it everything you expected or were you let down? Is it even possible for it to live up to the hype? Tell us your thoughts by taking our Avatar poll below.

If you need a refresher course here’s the Avatar trailer link.

Does the First Avatar Trailer Suck?

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In my opinion, graphics wise I think the film’s amazing! I don’t have a complete grasp on the story, but its a teaser so you can’t expect much. Being the cynical movie watcher I am, I must admit that I along with several other fans noticed the glaring lapse of logic in the film.

Avatar takes place in a time where doctors can transport your mind into a false body, but they can’t revitalize the nerves of paraplegics? If Sam Worthington’s character wants to walk, they don’t have the technology to heal him, but they can create an entirely new alien body for him to use instead? But like I said, that’s the plot-picking nerd in me, its all in good fun.

What did you think about the Avatar trailer?

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