The upcoming live action adaptation of Surrogates won’t hit theaters until next month, but before then you can get a good look at some behind the scenes footage. A video has been released that features interviews with stars Bruce Willis, Radha Mitchell, Rosamond Pike, and more. It focuses on the origin of the story and how the concept of a surrogate body can have deadly consequences. You can view the video below.

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The story focuses on a man as he investigates several mysterious deaths that he believes are connected to a government program, which is extremely high tech and allows people to buy flawless surrogate (robot) versions of themselves. They vicariously live through them and have the ability to live out any and all their outlandish fantasies. This all sounds like a great idea until someone ends up dead, and you can’t tell who’s who when trying to catch the culprit!

As you can also see, this will be another feature where we get to see Bruce Willis’ amazing hair artist at work. This will give him an excuse to wear an array of wigs, while playing the various versions of himself. I swear, him and Samuel L. Jackson can get away with anything on their scalp!

What do you think about the behind the scenes featurette for Surrogates?