Robert Pattinson Dead Fake

Really? That’s what I said when I read that headline this morning. We have another one people, another actor’s been thrown to the other side for questionable reasons. Several internet sources are claiming that Robert Pattinson, the 23 year old sparkle-bellied vampire portrayer has been turned to dust. Is this true? Of course not! Grow a brain!

Of course Pattinson is still alive. He’s filming the third film in The Twilight Saga as I type this. Production is going as scheduled on the Eclipse set in Vancouver, Canada. I don’t know how or why this rumor got started, but it’s out there. This isn’t even the first wave of R-Pattz death news. Back in June and July there was word that he was goner, and then he popped up at the MTV Movie Awards and the Teen Choice Awards. Two events that he, along with his Twilight cast mates swept by the way.

These death scares are starting to come at rather convenient times if you ask me. During awards season, filming, and even their upcoming fan convention tour. I’m kind of starting to think this is being manufactured from the inside! Summit Entertainment has shown itself to be more than just an opportunist studio. You’ve seen the memorabilia, you know how far they’ll go to make a buck.

Either way, the concern surrounding Pattinson’s death is more than likely is intertwined with his character Edward Cullen. If you’ve read the books you know what happens to him in Eclipse.

How do you feel about the latest Robert Pattinson death rumor?