redbox sues warner bros

You know those bright, red DVD dispensers posted in the corner at your local grocery store? Are you familiar with their infamously cheap new releases? Not too long ago studios started to get upset about the local kiosk system reaching out to their customers and took legal action to put an end to it. Now, Coinstar Inc, the owners of the “Redbox” are not going to take it anymore. See what their doing to fight back below.

According to Yahoo, Redbox is suing Time Warner Inc for imposing on their automatic DVD service. They “filed the lawsuit in Delaware federal court on Tuesday to dispute Warner Home Video terms that bar Redbox from renting out its movies until at least 28 days after public release.” Don’t be fooled. Warner Bros. isn’t the only studio that has it out for Redbox’s blood.

“It also sued News Corp’s Twentieth Century Fox for trying to stop it from renting out films on the day of retail release. It has distribution deals with Lions Gate Entertainment Corp and Sony Corp’s Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.” This is just pure greed. I understand that the studios want the majority of the DVD sales to be generated by their home entertainment divisions, but isn’t there enough to go around?

I can understand the concept getting a new DVD from a Redbox kiosk, because it’s a lot more convenient and cheaper. But, if I want to buy a special edition disc set I would prefer to go to the electronics or department store to get it. The last time I checked a special edition anything cost a lot more than your average disc. Both companies have their advantages.

What do you think about the Redbox versus the studios war?