outland remake

Is nothing sacred? In another dose of remake news Variety is reporting that Warner Bros wants to revamp their 1981 film, Outland. I remember seeing the sci-fi western via VHS cassette when I was a kid. It starred Sean Connery and showed audiences that he still had what it took to be a distinguished bad ass. The WB are partnering with Hollywood Gang Productions to update the film for new viewers. More on the remake below.

The original Outland centered on “a police marshal stationed at a remote mining colony on Jupiter’s moon IO, where a cop uncovers a murderous conspiracy endangering the entire Outland with collapse. The cop’s a week away from retiring and returning to Earth with his wife. He must choose between walking away or taking on a private army with his overachieving ex-partner and wife’s former boyfriend.”

To revamp the story, the studio will bring in Michael Davis, the guy who directed the Clive Owen sleeper, Shoot’em Up. We all saw how amazing that did at the box office. I actually watched it on TV one day, and I was thoroughly confused. Shoot outs with vegetables, infants, and prostitutes involved. It was too much for my blood. Will he butcher Outland? I hope not.

What do you think about plans to remake Outland? Who could star in the lead?