Jamie-King mothers day

As if having the awesome Deborah Ann Woll wasn’t amazing enough, the cast of the upcoming horror remake Mother’s Day just got a new member. According to THR, Jamie King will be joining the film along with a slew of other newcomers. The remake will be directed by Darren Lynn Bousman aka the guy who did three Saw movies. More on the actors and the film below.

Mother’s Day is a remake of the 1980 Charles Kaufman movie of the same name. It centered on two brothers who terrorize three female campers as a means to impress their mother. The more deviant and disturbing their acts the better. This time around they will be joined by a sister, who will be played by Woll. The new version will have the wicked family returning to the house where they grew up to terrorize the new owners and their guests.

King will star as the lady of the house. She’s a mother, who recently lost her child and is isolating herself from her husband. Currently in negotiations to star as the other guests are Shawn Ashmore, Briana Evigan, and Alexa Vega. Matt O’Leary is in talks to star as one of the psychotic brothers/sons.

So this cast will include Iceman, a girl who’s known for “stepping it up to the streets,” and a former Spy Kid? This should be interesting. Production on the film is slated to start this fall in Manitoba, so it can be released by Mother’s Day of next year.

What do you think about the latest additions to Mother’s Day?