There has been so much secrecy surrounding Chistopher Nolan’s latest thriller, Inception. Not only are we in the dark about the plot details, but the character names were under lock and key as well. Finally someone’s found a way to get us info on the cast and their roles. The film’s call sheet has been leaked, and now we know who’s playing who! Find out the character names below.

Inception has been filming in Paris, France for the most part of this week. That’s where the set photos were taken that we showed you in a previous post. Over at a French site called CloneWeb, they’ve debuted a photo of what looks like the official cast list for the film. Here’s what the breakdown says.

  • Ellen Page – Ariadne
  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt – Arthur
  • Tom Hardy – Eames
  • Ken Watanabe – Saito
  • Cillian Murphy – Fischer
  • Tom Berenger – Browning

The biggest mystery of all here, has to do with the obviously missing Leonardo DiCaprio. At the top of the call sheet it has the name COBB in place for the actor and character’s name. DiCaprio is nowhere in sight. I’m assuming that’s him. Perhaps it’s a nod to Nolan’s earlier film Following. The main character’s name was Cobb. Am I alone in wondering what Tom Berenger is doing in this movie? I didn’t even remember him getting cast!

What do you think of the latest leak?