Why would they do such a thing? Have we learned nothing from the “awesomeness” that was Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights? Every remake can’t have that spark that occurred over 20 years ago. They say nobody puts Baby in a corner, but Lionsgate is about to do it again. According to Empire the studio is ready to follow in the steps of Footloose, and give Dirty Dancing another go.

The script for the new Dirty Dancing is being developed by Uptown Girls scribe, Julia Dahl. We should have seen this coming. The stage production based on the film has been doing quite well during it’s tour. After the 2004 flop of DD2, I’m not surprised that they want to sweep it under the rug and start anew. Not a lot of info is being released about the upcoming flick, they seem to be guarding the details with their lives.

Who in the world will they get to play Johnny Castle and Francis “Baby” Housman? Should we get Channing Tatum to step it up to a summer retreat? I would actually prefer he stick to dancing because his acting scares me. I don’t know who could play Baby,  long as its not anyone from the Disney camp. My heart wouldn’t be able to take it!

Who do you think should play the leads? Should they remake Dirty Dancing or let it be?