Rosario-Dawson unstoppable

The Tony Scott action-thriller Unstoppable is just that. This movie was put in production, then halted, and now it’s back again and with a new cast member. According to ComingSoon, Rosario Dawson has signed on to co-star in the film. If you’ve been following the story of this project then you know it reads like a train wreck. Find out what Ms. Dawson has just gotten herself into below.

Unstoppable co-stars Denzel Washington and Star Trek alum, Chris Pine. The story focuses on a veteran train conductor who’s about to become the victim of company lay offs due to cutbacks. Pine will star as the young engineer who’s been hired to take his place. The pair are forced into a life or death situation when they have to divert a runaway train carrying a shipment of toxic chemicals headed straight towards them.

If this sounds like every other Tony Scott film it should, because it does fit that infamous format. Yet, after he tried it out with this year’s The Taking of Pelham 123, the studio got a little scared. The film bombed and they wanted to cut back Unstoppable‘s budget BIG time. Washington decided to walk, because he wasn’t willing to take a pay cut.

Fox asked the actor to shave 4 million dollars off of his 20 million price tag and he declined. They also asked Scott to reduce his 9 million directors fee to 6 million, as well as other various price cuts. Their overall goal is to bring the film’s budget down from the initial 107 million to the low 90 million dollar range.

After a few negotiations here and there, the film has been put back on the right track and Denzel, Chris, and now Rosario are all in tow. No specifics have been released about Dawson’s character, but I’m assuming she’ll be on the train at some point. It’s a broad guess, but I think I’m right.

What do you think about the lastest casting addition to Unstoppable?