cinesmash training day

I just came across this hilarious video featuring Common and Christopher Mintz-Plasse. I don’t know why their doing promotional material together, but for whatever reason it works! The two actors unite for a parody of the 2001 crime drama, Training Day. As you all know, that was the film that got Denzel Washington his Best Lead Actor Oscar.

Too bad no one will get an award for of this video. You can view their take below and watch Mintz-Plasse do his best Denzel impression as he reminds Common that “King Kong ain’t got sh*t on him!”

Am I wrong or is this the best acting I’ve ever seen Common do? I’m not even trying to be funny. I will take this performance over his work in Terminator Salvation or Wanted any day. Also, Christopher’s clothes look like their eating him alive. He’s swimming in them. Just because he’s a bad ass, doesn’t mean he can’t have a proper fit. Overall, I thought this was hilarious!

What do you think of this Training Day parody?