james mcavoy

It’s a horrible headline, but it’s not what you think. A while ago we reported on Seth Rogen and his upcoming Funny People-esque comedy that was tentatively called, I’m With Cancer. The story’s essentially about a young, successful man who’s life is taken aback when he discovers that he has the terminal disease. According to THR, they’ve found someone to play the unfortunate recipient and it’s James McAvoy. More on James and the film below.

According to co-star and producer Rogen, “[The film] is a very personal story, about what happened to our friend for the most part,” Rogen explained of any tonal similarities to Funny People. So we didn’t really need much added insight into that. I was there with [Reiser] as he experienced a lot of it.”  He’s referring to Will Reiser, the 25 year old comedy producer whom the film is based.

The film will be McAvoy’s first starring role since last year’s hit, Wanted. Nicole Holofcener has also signed on to direct. I can’t believe it’s been over a year since McAvoy headlined anything? He’s one of the most talented actors out there. Plus, he’s Scottish and he refuses to age! Production will start on the comedy early next year in January.

What do you think of James McAvoy taking on this role in a cancer-comedy?