Will Ferrell to Voice oobermind

As, we previously mentioned in our Weekend Roundup, Oobermind, the animated villain with a cranium shaped like a light bulb has gone through a voice change. The upcoming feature film of the same name was set to have Robert Downey, Jr. star as it’s title character. Unfortunately, due to scheduling conflicts that is a no-go. According to Empire, Downey has been replaced by funny man Will Ferrell, who will be joined by two other comedic geniuses and an “inglourious basterd” in the cast.

Find out who else is lending their voices after the jump…

Ferrell will star as Oobermind, while his arch nemesis Metro Man will be played by none other than Brad Pitt. In the film, Oobermind has defeated Metro Man and has found himself bored and without purpose. He tries to create another foe in the form of Titan, a young hero who will be voiced by Apatow alum, Jonah Hill. Tina Fey has also signed on to star as a news reporter who’s keeping track of the hero-villain antics.

I love RDJ, but I think Will Ferrell can do this role justice. Oobermind is set for a 2010 release and will be directed by Tom McGrath (Madagascar).

What do you think of the cast of Oobermind?